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Benjamin Franklin

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In his career, Franklin was an author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

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After having his hand in all kinds of community service in Philadelphia, and inventing important devices like lightning rods, Franklin used his unique status as an international celebrity to become the colonies' best diplomat, first as an ambassador to Britain and then as an ambassador to France during the American Revolution. Franklin was particularly revered in Enlightened France, where he skillfully negotiated French entry into the Revolutionary War in a manner that practically bankrupted them, a critical step that helped the colonists win their independence.

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  • After negotiating the Treaty of Paris, Franklin played a role at the Constitutional Convention in his adopted home town of Philadelphia during the twilight of his life. Like other Founding Fathers, Franklin's lengthy career and magnificent exploits have been heavily embellished, to the point that some of the myths of Franklin's life are better known than the man himself.

    This book humanizes the "First American.

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    In he went to London on some public business in which he was so successful that various colonies appointed him their English agent. In the midst of his varied avocations he found time for scientific investigation, especially with regard to electricity. For these he became known over the civilised world, and was loaded with honours.

    Benjamin Franklin - Illustration History

    In he returned to America, and took a prominent part in the controversies which led to the Revolutionary War and the independence of the Colonies. In he was U. Minister to France, and in was a signatory of the treaty which confirmed the independence of the States. He returned home in , and, after holding various political offices, retired in , and died in His autobiography is his chief contribution to literature, and is of the highest interest.

    Biographical note American statesman, philosopher, and writer, was one of a numerous family.